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Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. Luffy from the anime and manga series One Piece.Japanese Name Mugiwara RufiRomaji Name Monkī D. RufiThe name of Monkey D. LuffyNickname "Luffy the Straw Hat"King Pirate (Kaizoku Ou)Voiced by Mayumi TanakaUrara Takano (OVA)Appeared in the original MangaFirst appearance Manga Volume # 1-Chapter # 1Anime Episode # 1Human SpeciesPrice 400 000 000 Berry

Devil FruitGomu Gomu no MiThe Meaning of Fruit "Rubber-Rubber"Fruit Name Gom GomType ParameciaThe strength of this fruit make pemakannya body is like rubber, supple and elastic. Because of the nature of which is owned by a rubber insulator, Luffy immune to lightning and electrical attacks.

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Monkey D. Luffy (モンキー D · ルフィ, Monkī In Rufi?) Is the name of a fictional pirate from the anime and manga series One Piece.About Luffy
He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirate Group, and comes from Fusha Village. Earlier, the head of Luffy valued 30 million berry after defeating Arlong and became the highest price in the East Blue (nominal value to criminals in the East Blue are the 10 million berry). Then he reached for the price of 100 million berries to his head after defeating Crocodile, one of Sichibukai, and rose to 300 million berry after the events in Enies Lobby[Edit] Appearances
Monkey D Luffy has its own characteristics which straw hat (this is why he is called a straw hat) that he could as a kid, from the famous pirate Shanks redhead, blue shorts, sandals and a sleeveless red shirt, and her hair black. He also had a scar under his left eye that he has made himself to prove that he was grown up and brave.
Luffy always use the newfangled same clothes all the time (it's just that sometimes the colors are different), in contrast to Nami, Nico Robin, Sanji, even Roronoa Zoro. He will use different clothes to adjust to the climate and weather (eg cold weather in the Drum Kingdom and the hot desert in Alabasta), but will look to use his native clothes after his adventure ended. Fashion Luffy others such as adventure in Skypiea, Luffy unbuttoned his shirt and wearing a bracelet. When the fight Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates, Luffy wearing Afro hair, boxing gloves, and red pants. When events in Enies Lobby, Luffy was wearing a red shirt and brown pants.[Edit] Gomu Gomu Fruit
When Luffy was young, he accidentally ate the Devil Fruit (in the anime version, he ate poorly with angry because sulking on Shanks) Gomu Gomu Fruit namely that he thought was the dessert. Gomu Gomu Fruit (Gomu means the rubber) is one of the fruit of the devil who causes the user's body becomes elastic like rubber and can elongate his limbs. In addition, users can become immune to physical attacks, even though the bullet and conduct electricity. The disadvantage is sharp and may also fire.
Luffy uses the power of this fruit as a typical feature of fighting, the elongate arm to punch or elongate legs to kick and could inflate the body for self defense. Luffy study the body structure is very deep, so that gets a lot of variations of the moment "Gomu" her. Finally, Luffy learn the benefits of a rubber body, able to pump blood flow and accelerate the energy transport system, so he gets more energy from his body, and her body also produces steam (this is called the method of doping). This movement he called Second Gear. Second Gear is the excess of the speed and strength of Luffy become many times more than before, but only for a short time. With speeds in excess of wind energy and stimulants has doubled, even fig super fighter kewlahan CP9 was facing him.
Luffy also found another step that the Third Gear. Third gear is a technique by pumping air into the rubber bone that will make the most of his body to be great. Stance is different from the Gomu-Gomu no fusen which only can store air in the stomach, the air that is stored with this stance can be transferred to the hands and feet that enable it to remove all the jutsu "Gomu" her in the form of a giant. The advantages of Gear Third is the power to be many times more than the power at the time of Second Gear, but the drawbacks are its speed dropped dramatically. Also, Luffy's body will shrink a little after Third gear after use and will return some time after using Gear Third.
Luffy moves

* Gomu Gomu No Pistol: Luffy Punching while flexing a hand.
* Gomu Gomu No Rocket: Luffy square off like a catapult and flew himself at high speed.
* Gomu Gomu no Muchi (whip): Luffy and kick his legs extending from the side.
* Gomu Gomu No Screw: Luffy play (mengulung-Roll) 2 arm and held the enemy and then turn back the hands resulting in a quick lap.
* Gomu Gomu No Gatling: Like the Pistol, but this time he used both hands to punch the enemy repeatedly with a very high speed.
* Gomu Gomu No Fusen (balloon): Luffy inhale as much air through the mouth, making her mengembung like a balloon.
* Gomu Gomu No Bullet: Like the Pistol, but previously he has been flexing his hand to the back so that the impact is greater.
* Gomu Gomu No Bazooka: Like the Bullet, but he uses 2 hands and his palms open.
* Gomu Gomu no Stamp: Like the Pistol, but this time he was flexing a leg to kick.
* Gomu Gomu No Yari (spear): Luffy pressed his feet together to make Gomu Gomu No Stamp.
* Gomu Gomu No Kane (bell): Luffy elongate head back and banging his head.
* Gomu Gomu No Ono (ax): Luffy flex his leg upward as high as possible, then let her legs back and hit enemies who are below it.
* Gomu Gomu No Kazaguruma (propeller): Luffy rotate (roll-roll) his body, holding the enemy then turn around his body so that his enemies circling and thrown at once destroy the surroundings.
* Gomu Gomu No Tate (shield): Luffy pulled her finger to catch the enemy.
* Gomu Gomu No Ami (net): Luffy forming her fingers like nets to catch the enemy.
* Gomu Gomu No Baku Baku: Luffy makes a big mouth and takes his opponent. (Named because of similar raw materials wapol who can eat anything. Wapol been eating raw fruits raw)
* Gomu Gomu No Shotgun: malakukan Luffy Gomu Gomu No Pistol then form a wave in his hand.
* Gomu Gomu No Storm: Luffy do Gomu Gomu No Fusen then turned and flew into the air to breath and then do the Gomu Gomu No Gatling upward while spinning.
* Gomu Gomu No Hanabi (fireworks): Luffy circling and attacking his opponent with his hands and feet in all directions.
* Gomu Gomu No Rifle: Just like Bullet, but this time he first turned his hand so that her fists become more powerful.
* Gomu Gomu no Tako Hanabi (fireworks octopus): Luffy do Gomu Gomu No Hanabi and reflect to a wall (blind).
* Gomu Gomu No Hanabi Ougon Botan (peony fireworks gold): Luffy do Gomu Gomu No Hanabi with gold candles (owned by Enel), which hardened in her right hand. Used against Enel to solve Raigo owned Enel.
* Gomu Gomu No Bo: Luffy empty his mind for his movement is not read by him to fight lawan.Digunakan Enel's Mantra.
* Gomu Gomu No Ougon Rifle (rifle gold): Luffy do Gomu Gomu No Rifle with gold candles (owned by Enel), which hardened in her right hand. Used when beat Enel.
* Gomu Gomu No Flail: Luffy turned his hand over and then punching his opponent.
* Gomu Gomu no Cannon: Luffy do Gomu Gomu No Gatling until his hand was a lot of shadow and gather all the hand to one stroke.
* Gomu Gomu No Mikata Robot: Luffy ensnare the hands and feet of his enemy and control his movements.
* Gomu Gomu No Ame (rain): Luffy Gomu Gomu No Storm to do but from the top down like rain.
* Gomu Gomu No Rifle Champion: Luffy do Gomu Gomu No Rifle with wax of Mr.. 3 so that does not work with Magellan's poison against Magellan.
All the tricks in his name will be added the words "Jet" (example: Jet Pistol) in front of him if Luffy using Gear Second. Meanwhile, If Luffy using Gear Third all the tricks in his name will be added the words "GIGANT" (example: GIGANT Pistol) in front.
Moves that only exist in Gear

* Gomu Gomu No Jet Pistol Twin: Gear Second Luffy uses Gomu Gomu No and do gun with 2 hands.
* Gomu Gomu No Jet GIGANT Shell: Luffy Gear Second and Gear combining Third raising his body then banging himself on his enemy.
Other moves

* Haki: The power is still mysterious and unclear. This power can read the motion, turn off the fruit of the devil, and even make people who can not help it pass out.
* Haoushoku Haki: Haki high level which is said to belong to one of a million people. Until recently, ever seen use this power is Shanks the Red Hair and Silvers Rayleight, Portgaz D Ace, other than that Boa Hancock is also said to have this power and at 568 stories seen Luffy screamed louder as the ace will be executed, 2 people who will ace behead it collapsed because it does not stand by IPR exceptional Luffy, sirohige say

[Edit] Personality
Luffy is an easy going person and from the beginning seen absolutely no pintar.Sebagai a pirate Luffy can be said to be very common because they do not know anything about the compass and marine science. In addition, he can not swim by eating Gomu Gomu Fruit.
Captain of the pirate group has a straw hat is stupid and ridiculous attitude towards his men, although he considers his men as "a friend" rather than as subordinates. His men like Sanji, Nami, and Usopp sometimes beat him because of stupidity that he has made. But they really respect him for his persistence as a Captain. For example Roronoa Zoro, he is the best friend and most understand Luffy Luffy (when events Usopp and Aokiji) and Robin are the same people never taunted or beat him and most respected.
Luffy also be the source of the problem and also lightening the mood in the ship. Sometimes the crew bothered by ulahnya, because he liked to act arbitrarily.
Luffy felt compelled to assume responsibility for all members of the group, of course, as a captain. He will be angry if there is someone who until hurting his friend. For example, he vowed to beat Sir Crocodile because it makes Vivi crying (although indirectly). After experiencing the battle with Aokiji, Luffy began to feel the importance of protecting his best friend, especially after Usopp leaves the crew. When Robin was kidnapped by CP9, Luffy and the others tried to save him. Although the make World Government as their enemy. Luffy himself began seriously to protect his friend, reflected in the new moment Luffy specifically to deal with enemies who kidnapped Robin, Gear.
Luffy did not ever kill his enemy, because to lose self-esteem because Luffy defeated will be more painful than fatal.[Edit] Family
Monkey Family D. Luffy filled with mystery. The first note he is the adoptive brother of Portgas D. Ace, commander of division 2 of the Whitebeard pirates. Then in the Water 7, he met his grandfather who had been caring, Monkey D. Garp. And oddly enough, Garp himself is a legendary vice admiral of the navy. Here also is told the truth dad Monkey D. Luffy. The worst criminal in the world, the revolutionary was the father of Monkey D. Dragon Luffy with the full name of Monkey D. Dragon. But clearly, Monkey D. Dragon is one of the persons with the name D. in this story, also the whole family. After the investigation by the navy, when Portgas D. Ace to be executed, it was announced that his father is a Gold D. Roger and his mother Portgas D. Rouge. Later described also in flashbacks that Ace is not really brother Monkey D Luffy. He was entrusted by Roger on Ace Garp and Garp introduce as "new brother" Monkey D Luffy.[Edit] History
When Garp go, little Luffy was raised by Mayor Woop Slap and Makino[Edit] Luffy and Shanks
When Monkey D Luffy was a kid, he met a group of pirates who stopped at his village. The group is led by the pirate Shanks, and Luffy wanted to join him. Luffy piercing the bottom of her eyes with a knife as a sign that he has the courage, but Shanks still reject it. After meeting with Higuma Luffy, Luffy is kidnapped by pirates swarm mount and Luffy brought to the sea. Shanks helped him despite losing a hand. It turns out reason for refusing Shanks Luffy is because the enormity of the ocean. Then Luffy promised to exceed the Shanks and the Shanks pirate king then gave his straw hat and said:
"I give you this berhargaku hat, later you must return it to me"[Edit] Today
After a big war with the marine, Luffy has a huge Taruma Ace's death. Luffy then raging on the island of Kuja and try to stop by Jimbei. Rayleigh Kuja then come to the island with a swim after the ship sank. Rayleigh seems to have special memories of the island ni because everyone knew him. Rayleigh arrival is wanted to take Luffy and Jimbei back to Marine HQ to deliver a message to another straw hat crew to meet again after two years. After the incident Rayleigh Luffy then go together to practice using the strength of IPR. two years later returned to the island Shabaody Luffy but he met with the pirates that mimics the straw hat pirates.

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